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To see the "Lauren's Page" photo album Kim and Michelle made please click on the photo below. We thank them from the bottom of our heart for all they have done.






       My name is Tara Rodney, and I have created this blog to share the message of F.R.O.G.  The word “FROG” is an acronym meaning, “Fully Rely On God”.  I learned this after my daughter Lauren died.  In my most desperate hours, I asked Lauren to send me a sign, something to remind me, every time I saw it, that she was okay.  The next day, I received a confirmation that Lauren’s sign was a frog, and it has just magnified from there.  Not only am I reminded of Lauren and the fact that she is still with me, but I am also reminded to ”Fully Rely On God” every time I see a frog.  What a gift! I received so much more than just a sign that day.

      In an effort to cope with my grief, I began to write, and then to share, my writings with family, and friends.  I write about the things I’ve learned, and experienced, since Lauren’s death. I think that my wounded heart has been made open for the first time, in a long time. I want to share the lessons of God’s love and grace that I have learned through my own pain.  Losing Lauren destroyed life as I knew it, but out of the devastation, through God’s grace, I have found a new life. My hope is to inspire others to keep living a good life, in spite of their pain, and of course, to Fully Rely On God!


For those of you who are wondering how this all started please see "Mary Ann's Vision" under "Frog Tales".  It will give you a starting line so you can follow through our journey.

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